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iFluids HD version 1.5 has just be released!
It provides the long awaited UNDO feature! You can now revert your last editing operation by touching the revert button. Touching the revert button a second time reverts the image to its original state.
UNDO is both supported in color and image mode.

iFluids is a universal fluid simulation app designed for iPad, iPad retina, iPhone, iPhone retina and iPod touch, enabling the user to create visually appealing art work by crafting smooth curly motion of fluid flow.
iFluids HD is for iPad only and provides a more sophisticated interface with a bunch of new options and features for creating your fluid art.
Both apps allow the user to create fluid art by injecting multiple colors and distorting them in a fluid like motion. Much care has been taken to the final quality of the generated fluid images. Internally a 2D fluid simulation is processing, which can be stopped, continued and reverted. The user interacts through finger touches to emit colors and generate impulses.
iFluids HD has a bunch of parameters, that are available for the crafting process, like color, emission radius, fading speed, solving & advection quality, resolution selection as well as two principal editing modes: color mode and image mode. The color mode allows injecting different colors to the image. In image mode you can use the picture generated from the color mode and apply fluid motion to it, to generate nice twirls and distortions. Furthermore, arbitrary pictures from the photo library can be loaded and fluid-adjusted to generate fun pictures. The resulting images are in high quality and can be saved as screenshots, used as wallpapers and be shared with friends.

iFluids HD


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The fluid simulator acts on user selected images generating all kind of high quality flow image patterns. The whole craft process is done interactively in realtime based on multitouch events by the user. The fluid movement can be paused and shots of the current screen state can be taken easily and at any time. Try to make screenshots in a pausing state providing you a filtered image for saving.

Use "color" and "image" mode together to create crisp images

Apart from the image simulation mode a smoke simulation mode exists in order to generate fluid pictures crafted in realtime. These images in color mode can be saved as screenshots in the photo library and then can be used in image simulation mode in order to create many interesting effects and patterns in a crisp look.
Furthermore, it's pure fun to just play around with generating fluid curls by screen touching and watching it run!
Enjoy doing great artwork with this app!

Device requirements

Please note, this app needs OpenGL 2.0 device capabilities in order to run.

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